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Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

Did You Know?

-       Dehydration affects our moods and 
ability to withstand stress, and worsens depression.

-       94% of asthma and allergy symptoms are relieved 
by drinking a large amount of water. 

I am a big fan of stainless steel and particularly enjoy using stainless steel water bottles. These reusable bottles eliminate the need to rush out for a disposable plastic bottle of refreshment when you are experiencing thirst - saving money and reducing your impact on the Earth. This one cleans up so easily in the dishwasher, won’t stain, won’t break or crack and is, therefore, great for the environment. When Ray (the sales consultant for connected with me about this review project, I was excited to accept.

The product arrived in a 13” long and roughly 3” square white cardboard box; the round 750 ml. metal bottle is about 9” tall and a little less than 3” wide. It came with 2 different styles of tops. Upon receipt, my husband Dave commented about the information on the box re: water (see some excerpts of that in the Did You Know section above)

Dave really liked having the the logo “Enjoy Wellness” printed on the bottle, but he didn’t appreciate the bottle being printed with “Made in China”… that kind of took away from the look of the bottle and was an unpleasant reminder that the bottle was not made in North America. The company does state, however, that the manufacturer that they use is based in China, but it keeps US standards in their manufacturing practices… which is encouraging. 

Dave loved the stainless steel hoop on the bamboo screwtop cap – he thought that one (of the two caps included) was “classy” looking. The bamboo lid should be hand washed, however, and oil the bamboo occasionally to keep it looking new. The black plastic cap was quite nice too – it has a pop top and it is easy to pop open, easy to drink from, has a good flow without dripping. I thought the 25 oz. bottle was a bit long, but Dave likes it that way – he felt it would be great for cycling in particular. The bottle fits all our RV trailer and Jeep drink cup holders.

Stainless steel is corrosion free, BPA, lead and toxin free and will not transfer flavors, smells or stains from one cleaning to another. It is eco-friendly, recyclable and dishwasher safe. The bottle caps unscrew to reveal a large mouth or pouring spout that allows for inclusion of ice or thicker drinks like smoothies.

Before using, it is recommended that consumers wash the bottle and rinse well. While that is draining in the dish rack rub two or 3 drops of cooking oil onto the bamboo cap making sure to cover the edges of the bamboo – do this once per month. 

The company (based in Texas, USA) offers a none-year manufacturer’s warranty, and suggest that this bottle should last a lifetime or longer. When I visited their website, however (see above for address) I did find that the site was low quality and didn’t have much information on it. Therefore I cannot tell you more about their social or environmental responsibility, charitable actions, availability to consumers, volunteer policies and activities, in-house purchasing or "green" policies.

While this doesn’t seem to be listed on for Canadians, you can find this product on where it has a retail list price of $24.95 (US), but is currently on sale for $13.95 (US) – as of the writing of this review. 

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