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Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

It never fails. There you are on the road, traveling hours away from your home – likely going to an important event – and… you realize your button is falling off your jacket, or you have a small tear in the cuff of your pants, or worse.  Or you are out camping and you realize that your padded jacket or sleeping bag has a rip in it and that rip will only get worse if you don’t do something to stop it from tearing. Sadly while one can find little portable sewing kits they are usually poorly made and have cases that disintegrate over time. So even if you’ve thought of putting a sewing kit in the vehicle, tote bag or RV it is likely long forgotten; it may be lodged in-between the cushions of your previous car or if you find it, it may not be very useful. 

Well, Evergreen Supply™ (Brickhouse Products) has come up with the perfect solution. The first thing I noticed was the case itself. This fairly stiff, square black leather-look case is enclosed with a sturdy zipper with just the right sized tip for my fingers to easily grab and it unzipped smoothly.


I was quite surprised at how much they were able to fit in such a tiny case! You can see this visually via the pictures in this review article, and take note at how compact the case is too. 

Here – I’ve copied the list of 15 items via the write up on, however I amended and edited the list a bit with my own notes or comments:

• Stainless steel scissors
• 30 high quality needles; assorted sizes, imported from Japan (with an array of differently sized eyes to weave thread through, some eyes are quite large)
Crochet hook; metal, easy-to-spot shiny gold color
• Knitting needle; metal, pale lime-green color
• Sturdy thread – in 18 colors
• Seam ripper
• 4 spare buttons (translucent white)
• Tape measure (inches & cm)
• 18 (very large, colorful with huge heads) pins
• 4 safety pins
• Needle threader
• Magnifying glass
• Metal thimble
Marking pencil; blue color
• White plastic tube carries several small needles

It is interesting to note that the pins are all contained in a fairly sturdy, translucent, white plastic case. The sewing needles are stored in a round case; (clear top, black bottom) the top rotates and if you line up the little arrow with the notch you can shake out a needle. This is really thoughtful because you might be jostled or just plain clumsily drop it and you don't want needles all over the car seat or something. I also noticed that all the supplies are of higher quality than I've seen in any other kit  - this will hold up to a lot of use, for sure!

People could easily use this as a handy travel or outdoor adventure kit. We’ve decided to store it in our Jeep along with a few other emergency type travel supplies, because our Jeep also tows our RV. Therefore we avoid having to purchase 2 of these kits and it is always handy for us to use. The size of the padded case makes it easy to slide in a backpack or bicycle bag, too.

Alternatively, it might make a great addition to the office desk where you may become the go-to person all of a sudden as people in the office discover small tears or loose buttons on their fine clothing.

Honestly though I think it would make a fine kit for anyone starting out on their own, or going to college, or to encourage interest in sewing and crafts in the younger age groups as well.

Okay, so here is a little information about the product itself: 

Size: 6.6 x 1 x 4.2 inches

Weight: 5.y ounces 

It arrived in a small cardboard box wrapped in a plastic envelope – which had a resealable flap, so it was really easy to open… no scissors or razor knives were necessary. Both the envelope and the box are recyclable in our area.

This kit retails at for a list price of $22.49 (US) but is currently available at a huge discounted sale price of $9.95, so you may want to take advantage of that. The company also offers a 100% money back guarantee. 

...Unfortunately I could not find it on

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