Saturday, November 5, 2016

Positive News

-- Positive News -- 

I learned recently of a Japanese company, LIXIL Corp., (via who has designed sanitary portable toilets for impoverished or devastated areas. These "SaTo" toilets are built in such a way to seal the waste from air and flies, thereby reducing hazards associated with open human waste.  The company aims to "improve hygiene for 100,000,000 people by 2020, and with one million of these already in use, the company is well on its way to this goal. visit:

Here's some more good news for you - a company called "Tonle" began when one woman saw several needs... good employment and independence for women in impoverished areas, lots of waste in the garment industry, quality comfortable clothing for women that move around, as opposed to posing a certain way so the cloths still look or feel good. 
Check out their site at:  and in particular this page on the site that explains their eco-green business policies:  and the following link is really informative:

I find it amazing how the seemingly smallest of actions can make a person feel so deeply, so passionately about a project. I read, or see, time and time again how youth are stepping up when they see a need - perhaps because society supports and applauds such actions, perhaps because of the support system they have at home, or simply because they are deeply caring, empathic, individuals who truly see a need and do what they can to amend it. Below is a video that came to my attention via FaceBook - about a pre-teen boy who saw the sadness in children's wards in hospitals and dedicated his spare time to turning those frowns upside down.

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