Wednesday, February 22, 2017

positive news

-- Positive News -- 

I was listening to n inspiring lecture by a powerful teacher recently - oh how I wish I had more exposure to influences that were even half the teacher this man appears to be. …However… I have some small contribution in response to one area in this above event that could perhaps be reworded a little better... where the speaker mentions how their generation made the world a sad place. I think two things about that statement - First, it took several generations to get where we are today, not one single generation. In fact that teacher's and his parent's generations did amazing things.

Also - while the world may appear to be in a worse state - and in some areas it is - the fact is the world is in incredible shape... we have less poverty, less illness, we have green energy technologies, hundreds of thousands of organizations doing good works around the planet, greener and more socially active businesses, volunteerism increasing to the point where in some communities (like ours) the volunteer rate can reach 60%! There are food sharing programs and organic, sustainable agriculture movements. Wildlife and nature and rehabilitation programs are empowered to continue increasing their good works every day. New technologies are invented daily that are improving how we do things.

We glorify "the good old days" but we fail to recall all the poisons, all the needless deaths, all the horrific daily actions that was once considered "normal"... women's rights, worker’s rights, children's slavery... education limitations, religious zeal, literacy issues, ...chemicals and coal smoke choking everything in its wake.

I mean - really - lets just call what we see as a sad or scary or doomed state of affairs as what is really is. We are simply more informed, we pull back the veil, learn and share and realize more things that need improvement. Now is the time that we need to collaborate, to embrace and face it and continue to pull the veil back… dealing with each issue that rises to our awareness.

My opinion is rooted in my belief based on historical and scientific fact that humans are more inspired by positive, proactive information that motivate them to design new ways that can improve the world. So let us all do our part to help inspire the world by sharing positive news, inspiring inventions, new ways of thinking, ideas that might have a roll in helping to shape this world into a greater one.

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