Thursday, February 2, 2017

recommended resources

-- Recommended Resources -- 

I'd like to start today off with some great links for you to check out when you have a chance in the realm of improving society from 3 very special and accomplished individuals point of view. 

First let's hear Harish Manwani talk about the idea that when it comes to business or commerce - profit is not always the point and in fact, by doing business this way one can achieve great success:

Next, let's see exactly what happens when seemingly innocent opinionated comments can turn into online bullying and shaming via this lecture put out by Jon Ronson:

OK and here is the 3rd resource for you (I try to stick to 3 per post) - which will take you to the Cowichan Green community Society - a non-profit organization that has been focusing on environmental sustainability in the Cowichan Valley for over 10 years. Perhaps their programs and projects will inspire your local groups, offer networking or even volunteer opportunities. 

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