Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Easily Save Money, Time and Energy - part 1

Easily Save Money, Time and Energy

Saving energy is really quite easy. All it takes is small, simple actions that hardly take a moment of your time, and in some cases may actually save you time. 

Here are 5 examples of how you can save energy by using your kitchen oven/range just a little differently. …I’ll share another 5 examples as a “part-2” to this article later in the week.... as part of a series of articles in this genre I've put together for this spring. 

-       When you are using the oven, refrain from opening the door before the timer goes off. If you are curious to see how things are going in there, keep the window clean and with the light on in the oven you can see through into the oven without releasing the heat.

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-       For the most efficient use of the burners, choose the burner size that suits the bottom of the pan/pot you are about to cook in.

-       When using the oven for 30 minutes or longer, you can turn off the oven about 5-10 minutes prior to the timer going off as long as you don’t open the oven door before the timer goes off. The residual heat in the oven will finish the cooking off nicely as it takes a long time for the oven temperature to diminish.

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-       Similarly, when cooking on the top of the range – you can turn off stir-fry, omelettes, boiling noodles, and most other foods 5 minutes before the timer goes off. The heat in the burner and pan will continue to cook the food.

-       When boiling eggs – place the eggs in a pot and add tap water (enough to cover the eggs) and a little pinch of salt. Cover with a lid and bring to a full rolling boil. Turn off the heat, don’t move the lid at all, and let it sit like that for 12 minutes. Perfectly boiled eggs every time using less than half the energy. *Leave the lid a bit ajar when the pot comes to a boil to allow steam to escape until you can close the lid without it popping up and releasing steam water; but try to close the lid as soon as you are able.

I could go on (and have gone on and on – lol – via the radio show, interviews, articles and our Trash Talk book series… which you can find online, look to the left column on this blog under the facebook badge for links ). However – to keep things short and sweet, I’ll stop there. You can see by this example that saving energy, money and time are really quite easily done with simple small actions like these.

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