Friday, January 14, 2011

Animal Adoption

-- Quote of the Day --

I encourage people to come to an animal shelter with idea of not adopting right away… come and see what it is all about, what the animals are like and go through the approval process while you are there if they have one.  …And speak with the animal counselors if they have them. …But even before this we should have a family meeting on this – often what happens is that one or two people make the decisions and then already we are starting off on the wrong foot. …Verses settling for an animal when its behavior is not suited for your lifestyle …already we are going into this with it not really set up for success. …We get out of pet relationships what we put into them.”

~ Joel Thomas

Today's quote originates from the Creature Comforts interview with Joel Thomas that aired back on November 16, '10... on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show. Click on the show title to access this discussion, or look to the side-bars on this blog to find recently aired episodes. 

There are many homeless animals in need, many shelters who need support... if you can spare the time and resources to adopt an animal or two - this is an amazing contribution to the world. ...Providing ample love, healing old wounds, providing shelter and medical care to someone in need... these are wonderful contributions. 

But not everyone can offer this - instead perhaps you can consider donating spare change to collection boxes around town for an animal shelter or two. Maybe your returnable bottles/cans are not something you count on as part of your budget, so perhaps you can donate these to the shelters in your area. 

Or is it possible to take the family or a dear friend with you? - Develop a deeper relationship with while volunteering a half hour to walk the dogs, or socialize the cats... From arranging or participating in fundraisers, to offering tradesman skills (i.e. painting or pen construction), or donating some paper towels, cleaning products, used blankets, toys and towels... we can all help in some way.

-- Chatter --  

Well, I didn't get my 3-days off  in last month... and I'm wondering if I'll get them this month too! I was supposed to have yesterday off, but ended up working all day anyway!  - lol - With the Conscious Discussions show outlines (for February) due for completion tomorrow, and the Brummets Muse Newsletter also scheduled for tomorrow... I can't break away from the office just yet. Fortunately (?) I had a prerecorded interview scheduled today that the host canceled due to real estate goings-on on their end of things. However, this actually comes as a relief to me - since I can focus more energy on the deadlines today.

We've had more snow as of late and hope to get out to snowshoe very soon! There's nothing like freshly fallen snow in the mountains. Of course, down here in the valley we hardly have any at all - just a few inches. But up there - Oh my... it is amazing.  

I've been turning on the xmas tree lights every morning and evening, enjoying every last bit of this season before I start dusting and packing all the ornaments away again. So many of these have memories... ornaments made by our siblings wives, ex-wives or ex-girlfriend, items crafted by friends' hands, Dave's parent's old ornaments... Things we've bought or made together over the last 20 years - such as the tiny drum ornaments. They have all come to mean so much and when I bring them out or put them away again it almost has a ritual feel to it.

Dave continues to work on the website upgrades as time allows and the site will reflect some of this in 4 days or so... when he next has a chance to focus on this project. From what I've seen, it looks fantastic and I can hardly wait to have others be able to see it too!

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