Friday, January 7, 2011

Recovery & Tubes

-- Quote of the Day --

Over the years I’ve counseled many patients who felt stuck as adults and were recreating the same situations they experienced in childhood. I was struck by how many of these people felt they were responsible for traumatic experiences that came at them from parents or significant others.  …And I found myself telling them that ‘It never was about you’. …And the tears would just start coming; because on some level people really did feel that it was about them, that they made mistakes, or did something wrong to cause it. And they experience a great sense of relief… but it is their responsibility to find a way to pick up the pieces and make their lives better.” 

 ~ James Kriebel

Drop in the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show to find the Nov 4, 2010 archived interview, where this quote was taken from, or visit the hyper-linked show title here: Overcoming Childhood Trauma

-- Positive Eco-News --

The options for recycling materials such as Cathode Ray Tubes has been very limited up until now... According to Electronics Recyclers International, a new technology is now being employed in the Californian (US) recycling system - allowing for on-site waste glass recycling from e-waste sources. This means that all those tubes from TV's to flourscents - which contain lead, mercury and other toxic materials - are now recyclable in the state of California.

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