Friday, July 19, 2013

our 23 anniversary

Our 23rd anniversary today! Woohoo! Dave and I actually celebrate 2 anniversaries - the day we started dating and our wedding date (today). In total, 23 years for us. I wish it was a day off so that we could really do something to celebrate - but hopefully our big smiles and loving hugs will do. 

Initially it took a while before I could really accept that Dave and I were meant to be, and when things got real serious my old patterns of "run away!" came creeping in. Thankfully Dave kept me around somehow and we got past all that. The day I took his family name was a huge relief for me - I was no longer the old Lillian and my name no longer reminded me of the traumatic past I lived through. It meant a fresh start, a new life, a new beginning.

As the years ticked by we continued to support each other's dreams and passions, but were struck a few times by life's obsticles from job loss and finding out Dave couldn't have kids... to a car accident that put me in a position of being a dependant. That was really hard for me as I'd always been independant. But we got past all that and have grown stronger together every day. Later years brought us family loss from Dave's mom to my mom and stepdad and several friends... and we had eachother to lean on. 

Recently, less then 2 years ago, we moved to our dream location (the Kootenays) and have settled in to a new life here. Our business went through a lot of revisions including a name change and was relaunched here on August 2012. Since then we revised 4 books, released a mini-book (50 pages or so) and have them all out in new editions with new cover designs. We've worked hard on our new images, new website, new blog design, etc. And somehow the calendar rolled around to this day, and I had this moment to reflect on our life and where we are now. 

I feel so privilaged to have the strength of our relationship, the joy I feel when he's returned from playing a gig (he's a drummer) or a day at work, the compassion and support I receive every day and the wonderful feedback and partnership we have in the garden, around the home, in the office... Being with Dave is truly a dream come true. you hunny!

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