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Volunteering @ Animal Rescue Shelters

How You Can Become A Volunteer With Animal Rescues


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Yes - you can become an animal rescue or sanctuary volunteer in your community. First off, if you know others who volunteer with animal rescue in your community ask them for advice and have them tell you about their own experience.

Bear in mind there are forms that need to be filled out and certain criteria must be met. You most likely will have to be approved to become a volunteer. Do not worry, it is all part of the application process.

Is there a specific organization you feel drawn to? If so contact them and see what they are in need of as far as volunteer positions. Perhaps there is a spot just for you.

You can do an internet search on animal rescues in your area and go to their websites to read about them. Usually they information about  the volunteer positions they are seeking to fill . Some will even have online forms such as applications to fill out online, or print out to be dropped off or mailed in.

Attend various adoption events and speak directly with members of the animal rescue groups to get a first hand look at what they do and what they need. Speak with the leader of the group so they can tell you about the organization.

Be aware of just how many different kinds of animal rescues there are out there. Especially in various sections of the world where only specific breeds can be found. Often they rescue several types of animals, yet some are type only and specific breed only. This gives you all the choices in the world.

Now comes the decision as to what you might have and wish to offer to your local animal rescue. Perhaps it is your workplace experience, personal experience, a hobby, or just natural skills. The possibilities are endless. Plus you might even learn a new skill by volunteer  and that may be your new area of expertise. We never stop learning. Simply what you do have to offer is your free time, which is specifically the situation of senior citizens. Senior citizens combined with animal rescue makes for the ultimate win-win situation.

Once you are accepted as a volunteer you most likely will attend some orientations. After that you will decide which open volunteer position is best suited for you. You might even take on several. Fostering adoptable animals in your home allows them to enjoy the comforts of home and interact socially. So you might be fostering at home, and also volunteer in another aspect of the rescue.

Here are just a few ways to volunteer:
- Walk animals at rescue events.
- Drive animals to and from the veterinarians.
- Foster in your own home.
- Make items or collect donations for fundraiser sales events.
- Newsletters, websites and other creative writing outlet. 
- Photography and or creating videos. 
- Check out potential adoption homes. 
- Follow up on adopted animals. 
- Meet and greets when an adoption home has another animal residing there already.
- Event planning.
Volunteer coordinator. 
- Grooming. 
- Transport an adoptable whether it be delivering to a forever home or accepting a new one. 
- Answering telephones. 

Volunteering is a beginning to yet another important chapter of your life. A brand new experience and, as we know, life is made up of experiences!

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