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Planning A Fun Family Road Trip

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 -- Planning A Fun Family Road Trip --

There's really nothing more exciting than rounding up the gang together for a fun family trip. As summer takes a firmer grip on the days, one of the best (and certainly kid approved) ways to celebrate is with a road trip. As a classic way to gather the whole crew up for a week or so of bonding, the road trip is often overlooked as an activity that needs planning because the destination will offer up the fun. However, as it's often said: getting there is half the fun! Keep these awesome 10 things in mind when your family adventure rolls around.

1. Pack fun car games to keep the family entertained
Keep a variety of giggle inducing games that are car friendly to keep boredom away. You'll never have to hear another "Are we there yet?" from your squirmy kids in the backseat. A few ideas for games for your family fun trips are Mad Libs, I Spy, Car Bingo, and Name That Tune.

2. Pack yummy snacks for the road
Don't rely on the roadside convenience stores to satisfy your snack attacks. Having prepared snacks is a great way to keep any tummies from rumbling with the peace of mind that you know what exactly is going into your family's bellies. Wouldn't you rather feed your family wholesome cut veggies, sandwich squares, and juice than the sugary sodas and questionable hot dogs you'll find in a gas station?

3. Book an awesome hotel
Ensure your fun family trips go smoother than a jar of creamy Jiffy by carefully booking your hotel. You want to make sure that it has something that the whole family can enjoy like swimming pools, breakfasts, cable, and all sorts of other awesome goodies.

4. Go on adventurous tours
Skip the boring tours and opt for ones that offer a more memorable experience like ghost tours, dollhouse museums, or safari rides at a wild life center.

5. Do your research
Wherever your final destination is pinned, make sure you have a list of things to see and do before you get there.

6. Take a camera
With all of the excitement of the pending trip, cameras are sometimes forgotten. Be sure you won't miss special moments of your fun family trips by remembering to pack your camera, charger, and spare battery.

7. Get some fresh air
When you're planning out your days, don't forget to add a few trips that will offer outdoor fun and sunshine to give the little ones room to run around and stretch their legs.

8. Check out cheesy landmarks
Every city has cheesy landmarks. Go to each one and snap a silly photo.

9. Have some little-people time
Carve out a very special day that's all about the kiddos. Maybe you decide to head to a train museum that you know they'll love.

10. Have some grown up time
Don't forget to have some special grown up time too, though! Whether it's a nice dinner with wine or antiquing, be sure to include fun for the grown ups too.

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