Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sustainable Artistry

 -- Sustainable Artistry --

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I am captivated by Orly Genger and her unique sculptural installations that completely commandeer both indoor and outdoor spaces. The main draw of her installations is that she builds them entirely out of rope. Genger's stacks and knots recycled rock climbing rope to transform large spaces and engage viewers.

In 2001, Genger graduated from Brown University with a BA. She later went on to receive a Postbaccalaureate degree from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002. The contemporary American sculptor is known for her large-scale installations that she painstakingly hand knots and crochets out of recycled rope. Featured in museums such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, Genger has become a "force of nature." Her outdoor exhibitions include large sculptures in Madison Square Park and Brown University.

While her work is minimalistic, it has a broad, popular appeal. Between the brilliant colors and daring positioning, Genger's work allows people to see the immense amount of time, labor, and energy she puts into the installations. In 2010, Genger created the exhibit "Big Boss," an 11.5-foot-high stack that burst through a gallery wall and flowed 28 feet into an adjoining room. The installation, which was for a show at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, required Genger to use over 100 miles of red painted rope. The result was a room covered in what appeared to be erupted lava.

Another of Genger's exhibitions, "Terra," was featured at Oklahoma Contemporary. The large, outdoor piece was made of 1.4 million feet of recycled lobster-fishing rope, and painted with 350 gallons of terra cotta colored paint. The exhibit "weaved" its way through the center of Campbell Park in Oklahoma City. Genger saw the vast, open space and "envisioned a line that would travel in a continual motion winding through the patch of land on which the work sits." The result was a winding line of bright red, flowing through the park. The maze-like installation is as impressive as "Big Boss" and features the same bright color palette.

While Genger is mainly known for her large sculptures, she also has a jewelry line in collaboration with Jaclyn Mayer. The pieces are as simply intricate as her large scale exhibitions. The bright colors featured are innovative and fresh, just like her installations. I admire Genger's dedication and passion for fiber art and appreciate her ambitious installations.

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