Thursday, September 17, 2015

Enjoy A Playground all Year Long, Part 1

Important tips for protecting kids from the sun

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Spending too much time outside in the summer can be harmful for children. The sun's powerful and harmful ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage and sunburn. That's not to mention the harm that harsh, bright lights can cause to sensitive eyes. To make sure that kids in your community are protected against the sun while enjoying playground equipment, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Provide Plenty of Sun Block: One of the most important things parents, school administrators and community health officials can do for kids is encourage the use of sunscreen or sun block. After hours of direct sunlight exposure, UV rays can leave red, painful burns on delicate skin. Sun block with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher is usually proficient in shielding kids from burns and general skin damage. It's also important for little ones to re-apply sunscreen regularly throughout the day for the best protection.

  • Take a Break in the Shade: Even with sun block, spending too much time in the hot sun can pose health dangers. For starters, even protection from sun block can deteriorate over time due to interference of sweat and even dirt. That's not to mention the toll incredibly hot temperatures can take on the body. Because of this, kids should be sure to take occasional breaks in the shade to recuperate before heading back to play.

  • Wear a Hat and Sunglasses: If kids are planning on spending extended periods of time on playground equipment, it helps to come prepared with protective clothing and accessories. In particular, hats can offer kids extra shielding from the sun's penetrating light. While light colors like white and gray will help kids keep cool by reflecting UV rays, darker shades are actually more effective at protecting against sunburn. Wearing sunglasses can also preserve kid's vision during hours outdoors.
While kids are outside enjoying fun in the sun during fall, you might want to encourage them to take advantage of potential learning opportunities. Many parks and playgrounds are located right next to wooded areas, ponds and fields brimming with plants and wildlife. There are plenty of ways to teach kids about the world they live in.

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