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Importance of Sports in a child’s life

Importance of Sports in a child’s life  

* Today’s article was written by Daniel Ashworth who believes in the significance of school awards, and how these medals or plaques can play an important role in encouraging the participant to perform better and emerge victorious..

These days, it has become hard to encourage children to join sports. Many would rather play virtual versions of sports on a video game console inside their houses. When they are playing video games, they have access to food and comfort. However, video games and virtual versions of sports are not healthy when it comes to the long term development of their physical and mental capabilities.

At times, even parents can become a part of this cycle. Parents may put too much of a focus on academics. While academics do hold a place of importance, there are some things that academics alone cannot give to children. This is why it is important for children to engage in sports, because sports have benefits that academics cannot give.

When children are young, they need to acquire certain skills which will serve them well later on in life. Children can get these skills from sports. An understanding of fair play is very important; this understanding comes from playing on a team as a child. This becomes important later in life, when a person is participating in a team environment in a workplace. When children compete with their friends, and alternately win or lose, they come to understand that it is important to give your competition the respect they deserve.

Learning to lose is also very important for the mental development of a child. Children usually receive what they want and need from their parents. However, when they have to compete with someone else to get the prize and they lose, it teaches them that they won't be able to get what they want all the time in life.

For children, the desire to be accepted by their peers is something which is very deeply entrenched in their psyche, and sports give them a platform where they will be able to realize their talents and if they are naturally gifted and athletic then they will be able to further develop their talents and get the acceptance that they so desire.

Sports can help children develop their self-confidence. Playing a sport, regularly winning and losing, and working hard can do a lot to increase the child's sense of self-esteem. By playing sports, children can discover what they can and can't do; this way, they can also understand what they are capable of and how they can improve themselves.

In addition, there are physical benefits for children, as well. Inactivity is one of the main causes of childhood obesity; playing sports means that they will have to exert themselves physically regularly. This can help to keep them healthy. Regular physical activity can keep children healthy and activity can ensure healthy development of the muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular system of the body.

Prizes, like cheap medals, can provide children with the incentive they need to keep them interested in these sports. With these tokens of appreciation and attention,children will feel that they have something to show for the effort that they have put in. Schools usually buy cheap medals in bulk, so that they can give them as prizes to the children who have won or participated in events.

There are also many sports, such as team sports or individual sports to choose from. If a child expresses disinterest in one sport, there are many others to try from.

The author Daniel Ashworth has discussed about the significance of school awards, and how these medals or plaques can play an important role in encouraging the participant to perform better and emerge victorious.

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