Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Stay in shape while on vacation

*Today’s article was written by Nelly Bee.

Stay in shape while on vacation

Everyone loves going on vacation, but the one down side is that we all tend to overindulge on food and drink while we are away and then have to do some damage control when we get home. However, there is a secret weapon you can use to minimize the effects of holiday indulgence! Just by adding some water activities to your holiday itinerary you can squeeze in a great full body workout that is going to help you to stay in shape while you are away from home. Let's take a look at the best water based activities for burning those calories.

One of the best ways to work of that extra food is to go swimming. This is suitable for anyone since it is very low impact on the joints. It gives you a full body workout and gets the cardiovascular system pumping as well. Just 30 minutes of swimming could burn up to 450 calories for the average person. However, be aware that you actually need to be swimming lengths of the pool and not just bobbing around on an inflatable raft while sipping on a cocktail!

Surfing is an acquired skill, but if it is something that you are into then you will be able to get a decent work out in while catching some waves. The rougher the water is the more calories you will actually burn off. This is because simply paddling out to sea against the tide is giving you an excellent upper body workout. When you are actually up on the board you are going to be working your core muscles as you maintain balance.

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving is another great water based workout to add to your itinerary during your vacation. Like standard swimming, this is going to work your legs, core, back and glutes. Swimming underwater is more difficult because of how dense the water is deeper below the surface, plus you also have several pounds of breathing apparatus strapped to your back as well!

Water Skiing
Successful water skiing requires you to use your upper and lower body and also your core muscles making it a great all around work out. Pulling your body up out of the water is going to really pump your arms. In addition, the correct position is almost squat like and you will be maintaining that for an extended period of time while also working against the resistance of the water.

Nobody likes to come home from vacation and have to hit the gym big time to shift those extra pounds, but indulging in some fun water based activities can help you to workout while on vacation.

*Note from Lillian Brummet: Don't forget that there are a ton of winter activities to do at home as well - from skiing and snowshoeing to snowball fights and snowman building...

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