Friday, October 9, 2015


 Yep, time for some poetry... it has been a while since I shared any of my poetry so here goes...

I Will Prevail

There's knowledge in abundance, all around. 
Seems to be easily tripped over and found.
Yet just can't seem to get enough; 
To get anywhere seems so very tough.
Just have to reach out and grab it;
Have to make positive attitude a habit.
Wanna do so very much;
Just desier the winner's touch.
So very impatient, ina hurry;
And let myself too often worry.
Suppose, in time, it will all come.
Pray it happens before my time has gone. 
Life's crazy humour of surprise,
Teaching me to fairly compromise.
Try to do the best I can;
And keep from following every day men. 
Will do whatever I think is best
And if I fail, will I still pass the test?
My goal is to love and to learn,
To accomplish what I now yearn, 
To leave my footprints on life's crazy trail,
And against all else - prevail. 

*Note: This was written in my 20's at a time when I was completing the university level of grade 12 that I needed to go on to university for a career in biology or ecology. At the same time, I was taking an intensive course in hospitality management. You can find this poem on page #48 of Towards Understanding (e-book or print).

Rooted In This Life

When it comes to roots...
I feel I have none. 
For what roots have I?
A mix of mostly unknown 
European ancestry.
A family of loners;
Misfits are they, and I. 

A look around my home
Reveals a close relationship with nature,
and native roots, a tribal theme...
Appropriately enough - of unknown origin.
Favoring purple, deep reds, greens, brown and blue,
All colors of nature...

What roots have I?

*Note: This one was written in my late 20's/early 30's when I was musing on the contradiction of both wanting roots and being scared of having something to lose - of wanting to create a home that reflects myself, without knowing what that might be. Having been on my own since early teens and before that having a broken, abusive upbringing I felt lost and afraid for much of my younger years. You can find it on page 26 of the book Rhythm and Rhyme (e-book or print)

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