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Overcome Procrastination, part 2

Overcome Procrastination

Today’s article was divided into 2 parts; part 1 was published on Nov. 27th

* Written by Hazel Palache – author, motivational speaker, founder of Your Stairway To Wealth, certified coach, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and stress management counselor. Hazel has been in the field of personal and professional development for over 20 years. She primarily works with women entrepreneurs 40+ who want to work less hours, have a more balanced life with financial freedom. If you have any challenges or want input she offers a no obligation complimentary 20 minute phone chat. Visit to download the free e-book and to find more information about Hazel, coaching and hypnosis.

"Wealth is not just about money!
Good Health + Joyful Living + Financial Freedom = Wealth.”

~ Hazel Palache

Just for a moment I want you to think about everything you need to get done in the coming week. How does it look? 

If you are someone who often puts off things because it's easier, I can almost guarantee that your mental to do list is probably chaotic and your mind wanders off on different tracks as you continually think of different things that need to be finished.

When this happens it can be very challenging to know where would be the best place to start! Maybe it's time to take a different approach. 

Outside of fear, one of the biggest causes of procrastination is lack of proper planning so that you can stay productive and calm without getting caught in the fear trap or go into the shiny bauble syndrome, which means you want to be able to do everything at the same time.
That is not possible, all you will end up with is a lot of things half done and nothing completely finished. If you don't create some kind of plan or process, everything can seem very over-whelming. The more you are overwhelmed the more likely it is that fear can take over.

First ask yourself what will happen if you don't change this behavior and take action. How will it make you feel?

Now, ask yourself what will happen if you do take action and you work on projects one at a time and get things done. How will it make you feel? Be honest and decide which answer you really prefer and what would be the return on you taking action!

Next, I suggest you take a sheet of paper and a pen, handwriting is more powerful than typing because it flows directly from the hand to your brain. Make a list of absolutely everything that needs to be done and that you need to get finished. Don't allow this to faze you, remember, all you are doing is making a list so you can get some clarity. When the list is finished prioritize the five most important items. You will get to the others when the first five are completed.

When that's done, make a list of what actions you need to take to get the #1 priority on the list completed first. Next, break down those actions into smaller chunks. The most important key here is do one thing at a time. Learn to create a habit out of this simple action and you will never feel overwhelmed or chaotic again.

If you need to and you can, delegate! Delegation is often challenging for small business owners. No matter how big your business or how big your team is, most of us started out on our own and we're used to running things the way we think they need to be run but handing over the things that are not your strengths so you can focus on the things that are, is a great way to avoid making excuses and procrastinating!

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