Saturday, January 9, 2016


Well happy new year to all our readers - I do hope you all had a relaxing, warm, rejuvenating and  "green" holiday season. :)
First let me note... I just came back to manage the blog (I schedule weeks and sometimes months in advance) and realized that from Nov. 2nd on the font got real small all of a sudden and the notice I arranged to go up on Jan. 1st was in draft format. Huh. Not sure if it was a technical glitch or my mental glitch... either way I apologize and am endeavouring to repair the font size now. So... the notice was supposed to let you all know that I was taking a few days off from the blog due to the holidays, family, etc. Which, I guess, you know that already. ha ha
How was your 2015? Ours involved quite a few challenges, but an equal if not greater amount of personal achievements and forward movement on projects. So - overall, a good year. Sadly we are now dealing with an aging family member who is nearing the end of life. With that comes a lot of people visiting and a lot of hands on activities. We love him and gladly do what we can of course. And it is nice to see everyone after so much time has passed. However, it is tiring too. So, like I said ... over all, a good year. 
We did complete the cook book manuscript, but after a few beta readers peeled it apart we learned of a few areas where we could improve the language, the way we were describing one or two things here or there. So off I go to edit some more. lol Just when I thought I was done. lol Dave's got his hands full although we just completed a long list of drum repairs and some off his personal drum repair projects. We also gave the drum studio a "spring cleaning" including doing the carpets in the last week or so, getting ready for this year's teaching and repair activities. Anyway, he's almost ready to take on his side of things with the manuscript. Its been a long ride and we are thrilled it is so near to completion, and to be able to sell a few copies too! 
Let me take this opportunity to express sincere gratitude for the online and personal community in our lives, to our personal friends, co-workers, people who support our business activities... You all feed our souls in so many ways... and we appreciate all that you do to make the world a better place. ...thank you. 
Starting Monday (the 18th), you'll find fresh content on this blog - once again feeding your mind with inspiring, positive topics, interviews, poetry, and more. 
Don't forget, if you would like to submit an article, or have us do an interview with you or poem you would like to see published here... just let us know. 

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