Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday, here

Monday Arrived! 

Wow -  Did Monday roll around quickly or what? lol 

Well, my holiday from the office is over. It was a productive holiday - we did a lot of social things, took care of some of the items nagging at us from the ongoing list such as detailing the vehicle, shampooing the basement carpets... all that kind of thing, and of course visiting and feasting with family and friends. I was blessed with warm, kind notes via Facebook messaging, text and email for my 46th birthday... and was surprised with a couple bouquets of flowers, a couple different kinds of chocolates, then taken out for lunch and supper... it was really a special time and I was so touched by everyone's love this year. Thank you all.
Monday is my cleaning day... so guess what I am doing? lol For those of you with a home office you might already try to balance home life and house chores with your business efforts. It is not easy to focus on one or the other - when I'm out in the yard I'm thinking about projects in the office, when I'm in the office I pause to muse about the dishes in the sink, when doing dishes I think about all the things I haven't done yet... lol I'm sure it is the same for most people. What I found works best is to focus my main house cleaning chores on Monday, you know, all the deep cleaning stuff. I vacuum every other day after that until the next Monday rolls around. Daily chores include recycling, compost, dishes, garbage or laundry, dog waste scooping, mail and bills, and house upkeep as required. Nothing is ever perfect but it is clean and healthy... that is the main thing. I find I really have to look after myself first or else I forget to do something. So breakfast, vitamins, coffee, water, yoga, water, play with the dogs, shower... usually in that order. Then get in the office. Sometimes the office gets pushed aside, especially these days with so much going on in our lives. So I keep lists on the desk to jot down ideas or to-do's as they occur to me throughout the day. Same thing on the fridge, but that list is for the home. This way I don't forget or neglect things, but the list can get daunting. I often feel behind, tired, overwhelmed... so I take the time to remind myself that as long as I'm making forward movement I'm good. 
This year my goal is to shrink those lists to the best of my ability. I'm sick of looking at them. lol ...and we've already made great headway in that regard since the xmas. 
What can you expect on this blog for January? More poetry, quotes and inspiring articles! That's what... keep dropping by !
And thank you all for your connecting with us. :)

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