Tuesday, January 26, 2016

One Planet Lifestyle

-- One Planet Lifestyle -- 

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a well-known, international non-profit environmental organization that has proposed the “one planet lifestyle”  for today’s consumers. This means that with every purchase we individuals, those who work in businesses and households, we consider what kind of impact it has. We need to start asking ourselves as each penny is released from our accounts – “Will this purchase encourage a more sustainable, and socially responsible society?”

For instance we might look at a product and notice that some of the competitors on the shelf have recycled content in the manufacturing process. Perhaps the packaging is not only recyclable, but is reusable… or possibly also made with recycled materials. Perhaps people in third world conditions made the product; people who are treated and paid fairly.  Are the materials we are consuming renewable (like bamboo)? Are the companies we are working with also taking steps that reflect our desires to create a better world? What kind of chemicals are used or applied to the product, are there organic alternatives?

WWF is specifically asking people in the construction industry to make purchasing decisions based on certified products that ensure they were sustainably, ethically harvested with consideration for biodiversity, replanting projects, and healthy local populations, and so on. Do the companies we purchase from or work with use green energy?

Simple changes from switching to LED’s, starting a compost program and fully utilizing the recycling systems already in place can have a huge impact. Take it a step further and look at weather stripping, outlet insulation kits, and installing both aerators and dual flush toilets. Perhaps get involved in clean up projects, planting projects, and local nature groups.

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