Friday, July 1, 2016

quote of the day

Today's quote reminds me of how I felt as a youth, on my own without a biological family in my life at that time... I made family through those around me feeling closer to them then was reciprocated and was crushed when I realized that friends come and go. It took time to learn, as we all do, where and when to give more of my heart. I think, now, that we re-make family, time and time again - depending on where we are at in our lives, i.e. our home and work environment, but also through what concerns us and what our needs are at the time. In this, we enrich our development and hopefully of others along the way. It is a natural process and doesn't mean we end contacts with anger or disappointment for ever, we can come the realization that it was simply time to move on as our lives didn't line up at the time. That's ok. We can move forward without guilt, shame or regret - because re-making family is a part of life. 


-- Quote of the Day -- 

" Friends are relatives you make for yourself. " 

~ Eustache Deschamps


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