Saturday, February 24, 2018

positive news

Positive News

I would like to start by celebrating success stories for the past year (2017) via newsletter… some of the amazing accomplishments this one Canadian organization and their many connections have done are truly mind-boggling.

For instance:

  • 137 acres of conserved land - protecting vital fish, forest, wetland habitat
  • planting more than 40,000 native trees and shrubs via the organization itself - however - its individual backyard habitat participants voluntarily planted more than 22,000 trees and shrubs on their properties in 2017 alone.  

The thing that inspires me so much is this list above is that it is just a FEW excerpts taken from the article that shared the year end review – and this is just ONE organization. 

If we consider there are hundreds of thousands of very small to super large organizations, each doing their very best to network, connect, reach out, gather volunteers and funds and make the world a better place where ever they can.


Cranes and Croplands
Saturday, February 24th
Vancouver, Washington (US)
Cost: $75


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