Friday, April 13, 2018

Dealing with all that rain

Rainwater collection

Rain gardens are a great way for people to support wildlife habitat while reducing problems associated with heavy rainfall and overly compact, or covered (paved, concrete, buildings, etc) ground. 

These gardens can be very large or very small, depending on your desires and your needs. 

Rainfall can also be managed with a series of capture bins (rain barrels) that are connected together and placed in such a way that they gravity-feed down to your hose connection. This way you have a number of barrels of fresh, soft rain water that you can use around your property later on.

Ideally, a property would have both grey water and rainwater collection systems in place. Each of these systems can be quite small, depending on your needs - or very large... and they require slightly different plants as well. 

Check out this fine article titled: How to Create an Effective Rain Garden: 


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