Thursday, May 3, 2018

announcement !!!

Celebrating I Love Creston Magazine!!  

Wow!!! Check out this issue of the I Love Creston magazine... where you'll find an article celebrating the awards we received for the work we have done in our yard... however - you'll notice the focus of the article isn't really about us, but is written in such a way as to invite others to certify their yards as wildlife, bat, bee, bird, beetle, etc. habitats.  The article also offers plenty of links for people to find nonprofit organizations that offer certification programs, resources and more.


A little about the mag: "Founded in 2008, I Love Creston magazine, published in the Creston Valley, features general interest stories about the people of our community. With regular departments covering the outdoors, agriculture, health and history, I Love Creston offers a true cross-section of life in the Creston Valley. Our full-colour monthly magazine reaches thousands of customers , with over 100 distribution locations from Yahk to Riondel."


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