Sunday, May 27, 2018

In Appreciation...

In Appreciation...

Dave and I wish to take the opportunity to put out a few posts over the next few weeks in order to give a shout out to some friendly local businesses that we've done some networking with lately... and where you are likely still able to find some of our bookmarks available for free. 

A big note of appreciation goes out to: 

Paper & Cup Cafe & Bookstore (Kimberly, BC)

Roots Wellness Center (Kimberly, BC)

Rustic Hutch Consignment & Cafe (Meriville, BC)

Snow Drift Cafe (Kimberly, BC)

Adventure Hotel (Nelson, BC)

Alpine Motel (Nelson, BC)

Blaylock Mansion Resort (Nelson, BC)

Best Western Inn (Nelson, BC)

Grounded Organic Coffee House (Nelson, BC)


Visit the Brummet's @:

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