Saturday, May 5, 2018

Quote of the day

Quote of the Day


"It's difficult to view the world outside our human context. 

Staying alive and paying the bills both require our attention squarely fixed on our own business. 

Our sprawling cities and suburbs are wonderful and frightening tributes to creative self-absorption.

 In them, we spend our micro-scheduled days bustling between work and the endless details of our private lives, turning in our moments of rest to the buzzing distractions of television and computers — all accelerating toward some ultimate, unseen fulfillment of convenience and hyperreality. 

Little encourages us to pause and look around, much less question the end goal of all our busyness. 

Anything slower than the quick cuts of TV commercials is overwhelmed by our impatience and short attention.

 Unfortunately, we might be missing something important — to our happiness and to our survival." 

~ The Sacred Earth: Writers on Nature & Spirit, 1998, New World Library


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