Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Recommended resources

Recommended Resources

For those of you who may not already be aware, I have created 2 pages on this blog that offer quite a few resources for people to check out. These pages are constantly being updated, so keep dropping by when you have a chance to see what's changed. 

To find the various pages on our blog - notice the little tabs just under the title heading "Brummet's Conscious Blog" and you'll find several different pages there - including the two resource pages. 

One offers links to nonprofit organizations within the Creston Valley region of the Kootenays (BC, Canada. I put this one together so that volunteers or people involved in fundraising events, community events and the like can network with the existing organizations. Likewise the organizations are encouraged to network with one another. Also tourists and visitors have the opportunity to find tours and other things to do. 

The other page is a list of mostly music and art related resources - some are specifically for the Kootenay's, others are more general that anyone can enjoy. 

Dave and I hope that you find these resource pages of use - and please do feel free to share those pages with anyone you feel may find them of interest.


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