Wednesday, June 6, 2018

In appreciation

In Appreciation...

Dave and I wish to take the opportunity to put out a few posts over the next few weeks in order to give a shout out to some friendly local businesses that we've done some networking with lately... and where you are likely still able to find some of our bookmarks available for free. 

A big note of appreciation goes out to: 

Ainsworth Motel (Ainsworth, BC)

Woodbury Resort (Woodbury, BC)

Betty O's Sandwich Shop *Awesome sandwiches, by the way! (Ainsworth, BC)

Kaslo Hotel & Pub (Kaslo, BC)
Kaslo Public Library (Kaslo, BC)

9th Hole Restaurant (New Denver, BC)
Rutabaga Whole Foods (New Denver, BC)

The Apple Tree Sandwich Shop *Awesome sandwiches, here too! (New Denver, BC)


Visit the Brummet's @:

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