Sunday, June 10, 2018

recommended resources

Recommended Resources

For those of you new to our blog... this series of posts recommends positive and conscious living, inspiring, educational resources that will get you motivated to continue creating a better world - right where you are, with whatever skills and resources you have. 

Today we'll share 3 resources for gardeners, bee lovers and nature lovers in general!

-- – This nonprofit organization works to "protect wildlife, water and wild places in Canada's Columbia and Rocky Mountain Regions". 


In this humerous and entertaining talk, Noah Wilson-Rich explains how bees flourish in urban environments -- and cities need their help, too - and suggests that urban beekeeping might play a role in revitalizing both a city and a species.


This link will take you to a wonderful article that explains how green spaces strengthens communities:  


Visit the Brummet's @:


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