Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Pondering Thoughts

Pondering Thoughts...

Whenever I get to a stressed level in my life - you know, when you have a permanent frown inside even though you may appear alright to the world... Well, when that happens, I find myself recalling some of the best advice gleaned from a lifetime of encounters with people who knew better than I (which is a lot - ha ha) and I wanted to share some of those bits of advice in this mini-series of posts I'm calling Pondering Thoughts.

So the first is: "Start How You Mean To Continue"

You can apply this to a relationship ...such as in this amusing anecdote: Have you ever noticed that the individual chores that seem to fall on one or the other person... in the beginning if one person is apt to go out and mow the lawn, it is quite likely that person will be the one mowing the lawn 28 years later. The person doing laundry... same thing.

Or you could apply this to your workplace... The amount of extra work you are willing to do including those that come to your personal cell phone or email, etc. If you are doing this on your break, your lunch, after work, before you go to work... you are putting in unpaid hours. Think of that. You are volunteering for the company, basically. And wouldn't your family prefer to have those extra stolen moments? Or couldn't you use them to recharge your own batteries, or find some moments of joy in the day? These kinds of things can eat away at you; day after day, year after year, decade after decade - wearing you down. .

..Not only that you are basically setting the standard. By doing or behaving or performing in some way, people will come to expect that of you. So are you willing to have that expected of you time after time?

Being consistent is super important. People know who you are, what you are willing to do, what you are not willing to do. If you don't compromise your time off from work, they won't expect that of you. If you make arrangements to trade a chore back and forth, it won't become the chore you are expected to do.

Often times we start out with good intentions, but then when things are expected of us we become stressed over time. At the same time, people need to know you are reliable and consistent.

I think this quoted advice could also be applied to the types of habits we are wanting to learn or unlearn. For instance, if we hunt-and-peck on the keyboard we might always do so. But if we place our hands in the right position and try to hunt-peck using the right fingers, well - you'll learn how to type and you won't have the bad habit developed.

Perhaps these examples don't resonate with you, but hopefully the advice takes you to some other place to ponder...


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