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Author Interview

Author Interview

It is our pleasure to once again offer an interview with a published author. Today we are featuring Jean Brannon ( - a licensed acupuncturist and author of an upcoming epic fantasy trilogy: Highest Light. The first book, Atlantis Writhing, is now available. Jean enjoys giving ancient wisdom a voice in popular culture and uses metaphysical and Eastern mysticism concepts as tools to help people become more self-empowered. Born in West Virginia, Jean now lives in the metro Atlanta area with her two dogs, Rosey and Connell. She invites our readers to drop by her FaceBook and Twitter pages anytime.

Q: How would a good friend describe you?

I believe a good friend would say I have a listening ear, a broad shoulder and – if needed – motivating words. I think I’d be described as that person who can be called at 3 AM and there’s no question I’ll make myself available to help in whatever way I can. I am the Samwise Gamgee to my friends’ various expressions of Frodo, helping them find a way to keep bearing the unbearable on their uncertain journeys toward Mordor. And anyone close to me would acknowledge that – like Sam – I keep reminding my inner circle that there’s good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for. 

Q: What are your long-range and short-range goals and objectives?

As an author and acupuncturist, my goals and objectives are the same – to uplift, inspire and empower others. And that’s true whether I’m working one-on-one in the treatment room with a patient or reaching readers with my books and blog posts. Short-term, I want to introduce as many people as possible to the idea that Eastern mysticism’s ancient teachings can provide wise counsel for modern-day concerns. And in the long term, I wish for this wisdom to have a voice in pop culture. I want self-worth to become worthwhile. I want to create characters and storylines that model these ideals in healthy and positive ways… and for that to impact the collective consciousness in such a manner that humanity as a whole is uplifted, inspired and empowered. 

Q: How do you plan to accomplish your goals?

Truly I believe in that adage, “whatever you’re seeking is seeking you”. And so I’m doing my best to align with the Divine and simply allow the amazingly awesome to keep appearing in my life. Which means continuing to show up. To keep offering 110% of myself, whether in the words I write or the treatments I perform, every single day. To keep holding the vision of being a clear, pure vessel of light and love and information and transformation on this planet. And I find the result of holding fast to these intentions is that Spirit keeps bringing synchronicities my way in the form of helpful people and blessed circumstances. 

Q: How do you determine or evaluate success?

As both a visionary fiction writer and acupuncturist, I define my career as a “path of service”. And so success to me is measured by how capably and consistently I walk my talk as I move along my path of service. By how faithfully I can offer my best and highest good to anyone who crosses this path. And by how many people that are inspired to offer their best and highest good to the world because of my actions. 

Q: What inspires you?

The archetypal “hero’s journey” is an endless source of inspiration to me. Anyone who is feeling frightened or challenged or traumatized or unable to go on…who finds a way to go on anyway. Whether that’s a fictional Rocky Balboa refusing to stay down in the boxing ring or a very real Rosa Parks not budging from her bus seat, I am moved and motivated by ordinary folks doing the extraordinary. 

Q: What is your opinion of the world today?

Actually, I’m incredibly excited to be living during these times of intense growth and change. Energetically speaking, I believe an appropriate analogy is: it’s like we’re all swimming in ever more swiftly moving waters. There’s no question that a fast current can carry us along more quickly, and so we can experience transformation at a more rapid rate than before. The issue for many people, though, is such high speed can create high anxiety. There’s a feeling it’s too much, too soon, and that’s too scary. That fear then leads to grasping at the branches overhanging the banks, in a desperate effort to keep the powerfully raging water from pulling us along… or pulling us under. But trying to hold on and hold back and hold our heads above it all is what drains and defeats us. It’s what only feeds more resistance, fostering more fear. Which is why I want to encourage as many people as possible simply to let go and flow with the water. And to trust that if we give up this struggle, then we will begin to experience all the goodness that comes in life when we allow ourselves to be carried quickly and easily along. 

Q: What is your contribution to society?

I believe my contribution to society is helping people to see the good in this world. Often it seems that modern life and social media shine a spotlight on all that seems to be going wrong. Yet metaphysically, our perceptions govern our reality. Those of us who are Polyannas truly do see a glass that’s half full. And so I wish to teach people to become Polyannas. To train their perceptions so they always expect the glass to be half full – which I feel will promote more and more goodness overall in the world. 

Q: What difference do you hope to make with the time you are given?

I hope to make a difference in the number of people who pursue lives that light them up. Metaphysically speaking – and also from a Chinese medicine perspective – so many illnesses and imbalances and unhappiness in general come about from people making choices that don’t serve them. From staying in dead-end jobs or relationships or circumstances because, at some point, they bought what the collective consciousness screams at them. That once they are tax-paying, law-abiding, credit-score-watching adults, they need to choose feasible over fun. That type of thinking never leads to people living up to their potential. To them living their bliss. In essence, I want to help folks understand that the only question that matters – when faced with a decision – is this one: “does this light me up or not?”. And so, to that end, I want to empower people to pursue wholeheartedly the choices that make them shout “YES!” in response. 

Q: What impact do you hope this book will have on the reader?

Every aspect of Atlantis Writhing is mindful and designed to inform and uplift its readers. Every design element in its illustrations is intended to inspire love and gratitude and peace in the midst of turbulent outside circumstances. Even its 33 chapters is an intentional creation. The book was written in 33 chapters because – metaphysically and numerologically – 33 is considered the Master Teacher and widely regarded as the most influential of all numbers. The number 33 lacks personal ambition, and instead focuses its energy toward humankind’s spiritual evolvement through nurturing humanity’s loving nature, which is in line with the book’s divine purpose. And so I hope the pure intention I’ve held in the creation of “Atlantis Writhing” uplifts and inspires and empowers everyone who reads it or even glimpses its cover.


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