Saturday, May 15, 2021

Just For Writers !

Just For Writers !!   

Today is the first installment of this new series of posts Just For Writers ! Watch for a new post in this series around the middle of every month !!

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“…If you don’t have a marketing plan or a sales plan with all these different aspects that will have some synergy then it is going to be hard to sell. I picked a magazine and wrote an article a month, but then I went to another magazine and wrote an article a month and then I went to a third magazine… so it was a decent amount of work – the difference between writing for three magazine verses once in response and recognition was tremendous, it was night and day – one you got some business, two you got some more, three it exploded. 
Because you became the dominant face, you were everywhere they looked and you became the go-to person in that industry.”

~ Mark Tewart, author


Here is an archived episode from our old radio show (no longer published) where we interviewed Shelley Seale. She talked about conscious traveling, child slavery and human rights. Shelley has a degree in Writing & Cultural Psychology and is the author of: The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India.  * these old broadcasts share our old website... ignore that. 


Next is an interview with 2 authors... myself and also Beverly Golden, author of Confessions of a Middle Aged Hippie. Host Tony Gambone takes us through some interesting aspects of the world of writing. 



Here's a great article offering tips and exercises to develop expressive writing techniques - written By Caroline Macrory: 

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This site offers monthly giveaways, writer's resources and articles, author interviews and more. 

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