Friday, May 28, 2021

Solar Power News


 -- Solar Power News -- 

One of our readers directed us to this fantastic solar energy article put out by that inspired me to write this post. The article was celebrating "the world's biggest solar/storage project" located in Northern Australia. Apparently the vast solar farm will also send energy to Singapore via a "submarine transmission link".  

This is the largest current solar farm of our time, at 12,000 hectares in size. While powering more than 3 million homes annually, this project also brings 8 billion dollars to the region and creates about 1500 jobs for the area. 

Dave and I once fantasized about winning the lottery and besides securing our future, helping family pay off their debts, and donating to cherished causes, we dreamed also of giving solar power to any one on our street that wanted it. Helping to create jobs, sustainability and both neighbourhood value and pride. Oh to dream - right? :)

Here in the Kootenay Region there are several solar power service providers, but I know of only two at this time:

Empower Energy Solar

Kootenay Solar

Visit the Brummet's @:


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