Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Sort of Impact Do We Want To Make???

-- Quote of the Day --

"We cannot live through a day without impacting the world around us – and we have a choice: What sort of impact do we want to make?”
~ Dr. Jane Goodall

Imagine what the world would be like if each of us looked for very small and seemingly pointless acts of kindness and selflessness that we could do every single day, with every interaction... imagine what that world would be like. We can start right here - right now; with ourselves.

-- Green Holidays --

Many of you are already aware that throughout Nov & Dec I will be giving occasional green holiday and conscious family activities and gift ideas for you to consider over this upcoming holiday season…

According to Home Home Magazine’s winter 2008 issue, it is as easy as switching to LED lights – they are very energy and cost efficient, have a long life and are “increasingly affordable. Many municipalities offer light exchange programs to encourage the switch to this more energy efficient holiday lighting”. Besides saving money, this choice is also a safer one in that these lights stay cool and therefore reduce the chance of fires. The downside to this new technology is that LED lights are permanently in place and that means we cannot replace burnt out bulbs. However, the life of the string of lights is so long – at 200,000 hours of use - that this concern is nearly obliterated. Also, you will enjoy a 90% reduction in holiday lighting costs.

Keeping it safe over the holidays is always a top concern. When using any light strings it is always wise to use a power cord adapter or surge protector, and also consider placing a timer on the outlet you are using so that those lights are not accidentally in use when it isn’t necessary. For instance we have our timer set from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm – this is when the lights are enjoyed by the greatest number of people.

Communities are also looking at decoration alternatives such as compostable cedar garlands and wreaths tied up with reusable ribbons and lights. Other regions are offering recycling and composting programs for trees, or incentives for live potted trees. Your municipality’s website will likely have more information on the steps they are taking this holiday season to encourage a more conscious community.

--November is National Novel Month--

...if you feel you have enjoyed our radio shows (Conscious Discussions & Authors Read) our blog, newsletter or articles - please consider our books as a gift for those on your list over the holiday season and whenever gift giving holidays arise. By doing so, you are not only supporting the work we do - you are also helping us support some amazing charities.

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