Sunday, December 28, 2008

Free-cycle & Green Businesses

-- Quote of the Day --

“One disposal diaper takes 500 years to biodegrade… just in America alone 50 million diapers go into the landfill per year. …(G-diapers) use about 1/20th the water that cloth does. Diapers right now are the third largest contributors in America, which is ridiculous when it is from only 5% of the population…”
~ Kim Graham-Nye 1/30/08

I thought it would be appropriate to close December with quotes like the one I just shared with you - in hopes of encouraging a new mindset for the New Year. Each and every item that we buy, every single action we choose to make - has an impact and it is up to us what that impact will be. So you can expect several more of quotes along this genre over the next few days here on this blog :)

We have interviewed numerous businesses, like G-Diapers (Jan 30, 2008), that provide inspiration to us all by showing us how one person saw a need for positive change and created a sustainable, viable business. Endeavors like these stimulate the economy while creating a real and measurable difference for the planet. Check out the archived shows at: Conscious Discussions talk radio show. (*Archives are listed according to the month they aired in & are located underneath the links on the right side of the Conscious Discussions website).

-- What to do with your old stuff ?? --

Free-cycle is fast becoming a new coined term to describe various programs or organizations where people can network and offer or accept items without cost. For instance, you might have a couch that has reuse potential but do not wish to take the time or face the cost involved in trying to sell or donate it. So why not offer it for free for someone to come and pick up? They don’t have to go into your house, you can arrange to leave the item on the driveway, lawn or curb just before they are to arrive. If rain is threatening simply cover the item with a tarp or sheet of plastic. Of course, there are other items as well since one manufacturers waste might very well be a valuable material for another business. Even scraps of cloth, sheepskin or other byproducts can have reuse potential that you may not have considered. Simply by offering the material for others to consider you may very well spark an idea in someone that leads to a viable business. At the same time, you reduce the costs involved in sending that waste to the landfill. is one of the largest networks that includes something like 85 countries and has over 6 million members, that grows by 40,000 new members every week – According to the Recycling Product News Magazine’s Oct 2008 issue.

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