Friday, December 5, 2008

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-- Quote of the Day --

“Do something for somebody every day for which you do not get paid.”
~ Albert Schwitzer

-- Eco-news --

In Winnipeg, Canada – a 4 megawatt facility is running of zoo and farm waste supplying a huge amount of energy to the community, reducing waste and global warming contributions. Cost recovery for a facility like this is estimated to be around 5 years.

-- Authors Read --

Wim Coleman is an award-winning playwright and poet. When he moved to Los Angeles in 1986, he met his future wife, Pat Perrin. They soon began writing as a team, exploring such themes such as creativity, science, history, mythology, storytelling, personal and social transformation, and the evolution of human consciousness. They have collaborated on at least 65 published books, some of which have appeared in many languages and genres including essays, articles, novels, books for young readers. Their most recent novel – the one we will hear the authors read from today - is Anna’s World. You might remember hearing these authors on our show in the past: Oct 3: “The Comedy of Falstaff" and on Nov 3: the play “God’s Substitute".

Come hear today's guest on Authors Read share an excerpt from their book: Anna's World. Simply click on the hyper-linked show title here in the blog, click on the link to the right of this page for the show or click on the image below... either of these will get you there.

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