Monday, January 19, 2009

Horror novelist reads live; & - gardening consciously

-- Authors Read --

Ty Schwamberger and I originally met on a writer’s forum where he sent a brief query our way regarding his horror novel - Night School. According to his website, he has enjoyed writing, reading and watching scary tales since childhood. He currently resides in Ohio with his wife and daughter.
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-- Quote of the Day --

"In the past 3 years (1991-94) 950 varieties of vegetables have become extinct and of the survivors 74% - or almost 4,000 varieties - are endangered."
~ Ann Rodes article: 'The Seed Savers', Canadian Gardening Magazine

As individual back yard gardeners we can choose to order from seed suppliers that focus on rare or endangered varieties - or at least those that are open-pollinated. Heritage and Heirloom seed organizations exist for each country around the planet, simply do an internet search for those in your region. In Canada we have an organization known as Seeds of Diversity - - which offers a seed catalogue list for gardeners looking to find suppliers that suit their needs. They also offer international membership opportunities and with that you get a magazine, or you can look for the links to seed organizations in other countries listed on this one site as well.

For those of you who are interested in pursuing research in this direction - we had an interview with the director of the Seeds of Diversity organization on the Conscious Discussions show on April 22nd, 2008. To find that archived interview simply click on the hyperlinked show title (or the link on your right).

While you are scrolling through the archives you'll find we've done a lot of shows on gardening, soil and composting - all of these are available to listen to at your convenience - and all of this is available for free.

Incidentally, 30% of the royalties we receive from our books go to 3 different charities - one of these is the Seeds of Diversity organization. So by purchasing a book of ours, you are not only supporting the work we do & helping to keep this blog and our 2 radio shows running - you are also supporting amazing charities like this.

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