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The blog is a fantastic writer’s resource – I recommend it highly to our listeners who are interested in writing. The official title of the blog is: Quips and Tips For Freelance Writers Blog & my interview there was published on Jan 14th –

--Ideas & tips for concerned individuals who are looking to create positive change--

- Reuse soft plastic netting bags, such as onion and orange produce bags, to sort things like pantyhose.

- Tablecloths can be sewn to make great curtains. If you can sew a straight hem, you can make simple curtains that slide over a rod. I remember when I was very young, our mom purchased tablecloths from a thrift store and created simple, but very nice kitchen curtains that lasted for years.

-- Quote of the Day --

“…Over the last decade there have been numerous strandings of whales and dolphins due to low sonar frequency testing from navies around the globe. Since the year 2000, there have been many documented cases that prove that the pitch sound, especially in whales, is very traumatic - it causes their ears to bleed and they strand themselves, heave themselves out of the ocean to get away from the horrific sound. …sadly, the supreme court ruled against environmentalist since it was done in the name of security… Dolphins use sonar to locate food, and whales use sonar along with clicks and beeps and so on to communicate. Because it is below the surface of the water, people just don’t know about it… and I would love to help people understand this better.” ~ Linda Ballou 11/13/08

This quote above was taken from an interview with Linda that aired on November 13, 2008 - To access this archived interview, simply click on the Conscious Discussions link on the right of this site, or click on the hyper-linked show title here in today's post. Look to the archived interviews on the Conscious Discussions site, located on the right, and click on November 2008 to access Linda's interview.

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