Friday, March 6, 2009

gardening, trash & conscious living

-- Quote of the Day --

“…(Re: saying thanks to paramedics)… the very first thing is common courtesy.
A lot of times people have a hard time making eye contact – it is the little things that mean a lot. One of the things I do is if I go into a restaurant somewhere and there is a paramedic crew in there somewhere… the crew doesn’t have to know, but I will by them their lunch.
It’s a gesture to say ‘hey – we appreciate you’ …When things go bad in a situation and the worst case scenario happens people tend to want to blame someone because the outcome was not what they wanted it to be – but there are limits in medicine and rescue.
…The gesture of them coming out and going into a burning building or going up on live wires to get somebody down… the fact that they showed up,
took the equipment and did the best they could to try and save a life –
...that really needs to be recognized more.”

~ Morgan Lawrence 11/27/08

The quote above was taken from an interview with Morgan that aired on November 27, 2008. To access this free, one hour show simply click on the link for the Conscious Discussions show located on the right, or click on the hyper-linked show title here.

-- Spring is in the Air --

March 8th is International Women’s Day and Daylight Savings Time change also begins. For our region it means we move our clocks ahead by one hour. Time to plant tomatoes and plan that garden if you haven't already. Be sure to order from companies that specialize in heritage, heirloom, rare or endangered seed varieties... look for terms like "open-pollinated" and "non-hybrid" to ensure that the seed you have purchased is not genetically modified by man. Save your special seeds and share with friends, neighbors, family and co-workers; even if you have a balcony you can play a role in perpetuating the genetic diversity available in our global seed supply and at the same time encourage greening the planet through individual garden projects.

-- Eco-News --

North Americans account for less than 10% of the world's population, yet we produce 50% of the world's garbage and consume more than 33% of it's resources. If everyone consumed like the average North American, we would require more than 5 Earths - in fact, I have recently heard someone state recently that it would be more like 8 Earths! Whatever the true number is, it is too high.

Did you know that as much as 82% of the materials in landfills are theoretically recyclable products - including paper, organics and plastics. There is a new movement afoot to combat this wasteful statistic with Zero Waste Zones: "Designed to reduce the environmental impact of waste in homes, workplaces and in the community."

Hidden waste streams from hotels and restaurants can easily partner with organizations like Closed Loop Organics, Green Foodservice Alliance, Hidden Resources and organizations that serve the underprivileged within that community, and composting facilities or farmers. Levy Restaurants, for instance, is a prime example of this - each month they are diverting 34 tons of organics from the landfill, creating 20 tons of valuable compost.

Resources to follow on this topic:

Dave and I offer an upbeat, proactive look at waste and resource management with our inspiring articles (see links on the right side of this blog) and our book Trash Talk. Through our writing we explain that every one of us can do something to help our world - starting right where we are, right now. Greening the planet is not a quick fix solution - it is about changing the individual's mind-set by providing ideas that inspire participation from the ground level. Not everyone can afford to donate cash or time to a cause but by implementing the concept of Trash Talk, the average person can make small alterations in their lives that affect positive changes for the Earth.

Dave & I reside in the southwest region of British Columbia. Our work has appeared in a variety of Canadian publications. In addition, the we wear many other hats - as gardeners, seed savers, cooks, photographers, business owners, drum workshop facilitators and outdoor enthusiasts. Ultimately, it is a love of nature and conscious living that is the major driving force and inspiration for everything that we do.

-- Authors Read --

Prolific poet and author Wolfgang Schmidt has continually taught small business owners how to market their work. In fact, Wolfgang's courses played a very important role in how we designed our own book marketing plans. Based in BC, Canada - his work has been translated into other languages including German. To hear today's featured author simply click on the hyper-linked show title here or look to the right side of this blog for the link to the Authors Read radio show.

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at

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  1. My husband and I are on our way out the door this morning to go to a big community garden in town. They're having a plant sale today. We'll buy some plants for the garden. Our rose tree is already making pink and white roses. It's definitely Spring here.


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