Saturday, April 11, 2009

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-- Quote of the Day --

For more than 30 years I’ve been writing books, and more often than not publishers will approach me to write on a particular subject. …I’ve had as high as what they call ‘four-book deals’ …So I worked by contract for many, many years. …And that can also be frustrating because I have things I would like to also unfold (creatively). …I think the 70th book, Re-think Your Life, is my defining book. …The concept is Mind by Design – the essence is to eliminate mental junk food and move to right-thinking. I feel that all of us are in a state of information overload. …Most of us are in mental fatigue. …“Fix” – challenge your mind, you have to decide that the buzzards are circling but they are not going to get me down. …”Filter” – you have to influence your mind, you have to compartmentalize those things that you can do now and those that are beyond your control that day. “Form” – form positive relationships …I don’t want to be around people who brighten the room as they leave it… I want to be around people who brighten the room when they are in it. And “feed” – stop learning and you stop leading. So I have a goal every week to read three books, I don’t always get it accomplished, but I do read a lot of books, blogs and information on the Internet. …it is our challenge in life to shine the light on what is right. I think we can be purveyors of light and life no matter what our position is in an organization. …Replace ‘Negative’ with ‘Positive’; ‘Grumbling’ with ‘Gratitude’; ‘Sadness’ with ‘Happiness’. Do a media inventory and make media your friend – that it is moving you to the positive, not the negative.
~ Stan Toler – Mar 5, 2009

Personally, I really enjoyed this quote taken from Stan Toler's interview, "Rethink Your Life" on the Conscious Discussions show - which aired on March 5 2009. I encourage our blog readers to check this interview out, he offers a lot of very inspiring, proactive life-skill information and writers will learn several tips to help them along in their projects as well.

-- Positive Eco-News --

Wow! I was amazed when I learned of this:

Composting toilets can also include the use of worms… at least in Auckland (New Zealand) – the Auckland Regional Council approved a wormorator system that can replace traditional septic systems. The studies reveal that the worms are healthy and happily breeding when employed in this manner.

-- Authors Read Radio --

Today's featured guest, Lisa Saunders is author of several books and is currently a full-time writer for the State University of New York. She wrote "Anything But a Dog!" to share the unusual story of how a big, homeless dog came to join her family. Lisa refused canine ownership for years, fearing a dog might accidentally harm her disabled daughter Elizabeth. But she did make a promise to her other daughter, Jackie, that she thought she would never have to keep: "If God brings a dog to our door, then you can have it." As fate would have it, a dog did find his way into their door--one that became a faithful companion to a little girl who could not walk and could not talk. To hear today's featured author read from her work simply click on the show title, or look to the right for a link to the Authors Read radio show.

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