Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lots of events happening!

-- Quote of the Day --

I think I was meant for this since the beginning of my time… Through the years I just had this burning desire to do something to make a difference because there are so many out there and so many that need a second chance. …I started a few years ago writing stories… reaching the next generation of people who would give these animals a second chance… There I nothing else like it out there like a relationship with a dog or a horse or a cat or any other animal that you give a second chance to – they will be loyal and loving, unconditionally, for the rest of their lives. …so incredibly grateful that somebody loves them and cares that they are there… if people would just give a shelter animal a second chance, they are making such a difference and it is just incredible what they would get in return.
~ Kristi Jones – March 24, 2009

Hi all! I realize I was unable to post on the blog yesterday - occasionally my schedule is just to tight. I've been busily putting together some writing projects, finalizing other writing projects, dog training, compost turning and transplanting, and dealing with the house and yard chores that have gotten way too far behind. However, I did have some comments sent my way that said they've been browsing through the archived posts on the blog and really enjoying that... which is awesome! I do encourage the Brummet's Conscious Discussions Blog readers to take advantage of the time they have while visiting this site to scroll through the archives, you'll find a lot of resources, family activities, interesting eco-news and more.

Today's quote was taken from a Consious Discussions Talk Radio interview on March 24 this year regarding the world of writing and giving Abandoned Dogs & Horses the loving care they deserve and desire so very much. Dave and I have, as you know, adopted and rescued several animals in our nearly 20 years together. Currently we have two fur-kids that we adopted from the SPCA, both came from a difficult past and are totally renewed dogs now. Oh, they are far from perfect and we are still helping them along while constantly stimulating their minds so they don't get bored or filled with apathy. They are such a joy to us, they make us laugh and play, they take us for walks every day :) - they are our constant companions... and like family we argue at times, but we love each other deeply. :)

-- Eco-Events --

May 9th is International Migratory Bird Day!

There will be an Electronic Waste Drive in Newport Beach, California (USA) on May 9th, 9 am - 1 pm (pacific) Info @:

May 10th is Mother's Day, World Lupus Day & Move for Health Day !

Move for Health Day is a resolution for the development of global and national strategies on Diet, Physical Activity and Health within an integrated approach to noncommunicable disease (NCD) prevention and health promotion. "Move for Health" is the responsibility of each Member State. Info @:

World Lupus Day began in 2004 with 13 nations joining to call governments to increase their financial support for lupus research, awareness and patient services. This day has grown to include activities and events that are happening across the globe. Info @:

-- Authors Read --

Richard Risch was born to poor parents and struggled through much of his earlier existence with the common problems associated with urban life. After putting in 4 years of active duty with the U.S. Army, he earned his Electronic Engineering degree under the GI Bill along with several other academic achievements. Richard has always had a love affair of reading and books, which has opened him up to new possibilities and opportunities. However, he is hardly to be considered a typical “bookworm.”

The story he will be sharing today was built around real people and real events to not only give it fidelity, … but the ring of truth. Richard tells me that his novel, Beyond Mars – Crimson Fleet, is an action-packed thriller from cover to cover.

* Don't forget to enter the contest this week! See previous posts for more info... *

Prize draw: Richard Risch's book: Beyond Mars, Crimson Fleet (science -fiction) & 5 posters signed by the author – view at: - Email: with “prize” in the subject line. Deadline: Sunday morning - May 10th.

-- Winner Announcement! --

Congratulations to Liyana, who won a copy of our book Trash Talk which focuses on helping individuals realize their incredible value and the measurable impact they can have on the environment. This book discusses the 4 Rs of waste management: reuse,reduce,reuse,refuse - gardening, energy and natural resources. Dave and I would like to thank Callista from SMS Book Reviews who have sponsored this contest and reviewed our book, Trash Talk.

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at

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