Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Discovering Unconscious Beliefs; Proactive Heroes

-- Quote of the Day --

“…After beginning to meditate, it became very clear to me that I could stay on a psychological emotional realm forever, because the mind will constantly produce problems, thoughts that bother us and on and on and on. And the only way to get off that wheel is to learn how to contemplate and meditate and go within to our own inner wisdom. …Focusing on what does not work only reinforces the issue if it is a repetitive thought however if our negative belief is unconscious to us, that is - we don’t know what they are, it will cause us to repeat the action again and again and again. …You are not focusing on a negative belief you are digging up and discovering the unconscious beliefs. …Repetitive patterns are creating a negative reality. …If it is not working, then that means we are being run by our unconscious mind.”
~ Sheila Radha - May 21, ’09

Today's quote is excerpted from an conversation with Sheila Radha on the Conscious Discussions radio show about how we can look at an issue in life as either a challenge or an opportunity - the choice is ours! :) Simply click on the hyper linked show title here to go directly to the interview or look to the right side of this blog for links to the radio show's website and previously aired interviews.

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-- Conscious Living News --

A few weeks ago, Dave and I read in the Weekender Newspaper - which serves the Boundary, Kootenay and Columbian Basin regions of BC, Canada - of a man (Paul Scleiauf) who has ridden a unicycle from Victoria to Ottawa (Canada) to help child soldiers of Uganda. After reading the article, Dave and I recalled seeing a unicycle rider on the highway and we are fairly sure it was him. I think this is a wonderful way for one individual to create positive change - and to promote healthy living and alternative transportation. Anyone that is interested in learning more about this interesting story go to:

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