Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Resources, Events, Announcements... Whew!

-- Quote of the Day --

Our 60 years of research show that organic farming is the single most significant and immediate step we can take to curtail the potentially devastating effects of global warming.
~ Timothy LaSalle, CEO of The Rodale Institute -- a non-profit scientific organization for soil & agriculture.

-- Eco-Resource --

GreenPeople is helping to grow our green economy by making it easy for
consumers to purchase eco-friendly goods and services.

Check out our listing in GreenPeople at:

-- Eco-Events --

June 23-24 (Tuesday & Wednesday): 5th Annual Expanding Asia's Carbon Markets
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 23-24 June 2009
"...bring together leading international players to examine barriers and opportunities ...learn
and do business, driving growth in developing markets."
For info email: Laila.Manji@greenpowerconferences.com

June 24-26 (Wednesday - Friday): Electronics & Battery Recycling
Location: Westin Harbour Castle
Info: www.icm.ch

-- Announcement --

* Last week we had some technical issues that prevented us from having Kerry Kriger in to represent the Save the Frogs Organization. However, we have re-booked this interview to air on June 28th - this Sunday on Conscious Discussions talk radio. The show airs live at 10 AM (Pacific) & will be archived, as always, for anyone to access at their convenience even years after it airs... which is really cool.

* The Brummet's Monthly Newsletter goes out during the last weekend of every month - be sure to sign up by going to our website, clicking on contact and sending us an email with "newsletter subscription" in the heading or body of the email. It really is that easy!

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