Friday, July 3, 2009

Conscious Living Tips & Chatter :)

-- Chatter --

Well, I do feel a bit burned out in the brain so I think today I will start off with some yoga, walk the dogs and finish turning one of the 3 compost bins that we have... leaving the office work for the heat of the day and the evening.

As many of you are aware, the release period of any book project is a huge endeavor. No matter how much planning goes into the release, there are always moments of scrambling and panic over technical glitches - which could be anything, really, from an image that isn't working to a link that goes nowhere...until things get ironed out over the first few days of a release. Pre-release announcements, press release production and direct contact mailings have been the focus of our office for the last 4 days or so. And at the moment I'm approaching burn out, lol. So I'll take a few hours to get some other things done, and be back in the office clattering away on the keyboard this afternoon. ...If you want to check out the new release head over to:

-- Quote of the Day --

"ADHD is where your frontal lobe is in sleep state.... so what the drugs do is wake up that front lobe so the child can wake up the front lobe. The drugs are like stimulants, like cocaine - so overuse is certainly a concern. Other ways you can open up your brain for example is through music. The brain is extremely interested in how music effects it. We've used, for example, high intensity drumming... and you can use these for your child that may have ADHD and by listening to these drumming CD's you can open up that frontal lobe and help it work better... (playing drums or dancing) ...helps the brain coordinate with itself and the front lobe begins to work with the back lobe... and the effects can last up to 2 hours! "
~ Dr Frank Lawlis, (author of The Stress Answer & Chief Content Adviser for the Dr Phil Show); Interview location: Living Smart & Well Radio

-- Conscious Living Tips --

As many of our loyal blog readers are aware, I occasionally share brief, every-day activities, ideas & tips for concerned individuals who are looking to create positive change. Here are a few for you to consider today:

- Old vinyl shower curtains make good drop cloths for painting

- Hankies can be sewn into cute dollie dresses. Also they can be used for making small pillows, sachets filled with potpourri, and quilts.

- Old sheets make nice backs for quilts. They also can be turned into curtains.

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