Saturday, July 25, 2009

Take some time for yourself

-- Quote of the Day --

A smile is understood around the world - unknown

Why does an inspiring sight such as a sunrise always have to take place at such an inconvenient time?

Today I had the opportunity to just do some relaxing for the morning. It was amazing. Dave and I had a leisure breakfast late in the morning, walked and ran the dogs and had a nap - lol !
This afternoon I've been busily putting away laundry and scrubbing down the kitchen stove and fridge and cupboards (inside & out), tidying the house and running the vacuum. But the morning was amazing. I sat out by our little fountain by the patio and stared at it mindlessly until I realized I was sipping cold coffee sludge on the bottom of my cup. It was perfect! The birds were singing, the dogs were snoring, the sky was gray and a little wind was in the air. There is nothing like the amazing, refreshing feeling after having a day like today, I urge all of our readers to go ahead and take a few days a month just for you - even a half day can change the way you feel, brighten the mind and ease stress. Reading a book or doing a puzzle can be great exercise for the mind while distracting it from the day-to-day pressures in life. But staring mindlessly at the clouds in the sky, the playful activities of the birds or gazing at the butterflies flitting from blossom to flower... is the most effective at clearing away the mental cob-webs and setting you up for the week to come.

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