Monday, August 31, 2009

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-- Quote of the Day --

For journalism, I was somewhat non-traditional. When I told my father that I was interested in doing journalism, he recommended that I do not major in journalism, he said that anything that I could learn in a journalism major I would learn in the first few weeks on the job – but that I should major in something that would broaden me as a human being, that would give me a better understanding of human nature and history. So I took his advice and majored in History and Literature. Today, newspapers are more picky about who they hire and they want to see a major in journalism and to see that you have done an internship. …I teach two classes per semester and I have my students do a lot of reading – you cannot become a really good writer unless you are a good reader. When you read good literature you take in the language almost by osmosis, you get a feel for the language; you have a feel for connotation and the use of words. You cannot really teach somebody that, they have get that from the exposure to literature.
~ Charrie Hazard - Aug 4, 2009

This quote derived from a wonderfully informative discussion with Charrie Hazard on the Aug 4 (2009) episode of Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show.

Check this archived interview simply by clicking on the hyper-links above, or look to your right for links to recent episodes of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio program.

-- Did You Know? --

* Formaldehyde, fluoride, recorcinol, ammonia, cresol, & hydrogen peroxide are commonly found in mouthwashes, shampoos, & toothpastes as well as bathroom cleaning products? These are toxic chemicals that can cause damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas & spleen, as well as the nervous system & immune system.

Be careful what you are buying, & read those ingredient lists... if they don't have a list of ingredients you might want to consider WHY they are not listing them!

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