Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recycling #'s & The 3-P's in Life

-- Recycling Numbers --

Recycling By The Numbers, an article written by Michael Gardner & Mike Lee, shared these interesting US recycling stats:

5 cents: The minimum California Refund Value, or CRV, for cans and bottles

74 percent: Bottles and cans recycled in California

21.9 billion: CRV bottles and cans purchased statewide last year

$1.2 billion: Annual CRV money collected by the state

1,200: Recycling stations near shopping centers statewide

160: Estimated recycling stations closed statewide since July

The last number there is a little scary because it shows that there are some infrastructure & financial issues in the recycling system. Widespread closures of recycling centers would hurt, for example, middle-class families who rely on recycling revenue for small luxuries & homeless people who count on bottles & cans for pocket money.

Dave raised the point this morning, when we discussed this issue, that situations that cause these shutdowns could result in a shock to consumers who have paid a deposit fee for those containers at the till & then discover that they will not receive a rebate.

However these returnable containers are still recyclable – even if your area no longer has a place to give you a rebate, you can still place the items in your existing recycling collection system along with your paper, glass & other recyclables…. plastic pop bottles in with the plastics, glass wine bottles in the glass bin… & aluminum cans in the same bin as soup cans, or metal collection bins, etc.

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Our guest today is small business coach, author and owner of Clarity to Business - Christy Strauch. The focus will be the 3-P's in life: Passion, Plan & Profit - we will cover common obsticles and how to overcome them, inner issues that may be holding us back from reaching our dreams, comparing business plans with book marketing plans, what is involved in starting a business & much, much more.

Join us for this hour-long discussion live at 10 AM (pacific) this morning - or access the archived interview at your convenience by clicking on the hyper-links located above, or to the right side of this blog's page.

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at www.brummet.ca

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