Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recycling & Sustainability

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

As you might already be aware, Positive Eco-News segments air every two weeks or so, usually on Sundays, on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show. Today’s episode will cover information on recycling & sustainability…  the impact that recycling has on the planet, sustainable living information and quotes to inspire you – as well as some helpful resources. 

What is a "Chat Room"? - I am glad you asked. When hosting the live radio show, I always open a chat room for the live listeners. This is where people can post comments, questions and suggestions via their keyboard - and I interact with them both during and after the live broadcast. People gain access by clicking the little green button that leads to the chat room. After accessing this, people can type in your thoughts and see what others are saying as well.

Airs live @ 10-11 AM (pacific)  & will be archived for those who cannot make the live broadcast. *A chat room will be available for live listeners :)

 -- Chatter --

This next week or so I'm busy crunching away at the editing and proofreading process for the second book in the Trash Talk - It's Easy to be Green series. This involves a lot of rewrites and sometimes reorganization of entire paragraphs - and is an exhausting process. We expect to have this installment available by January 2011, about the same time that we expect to have all the changes done to our site. 

Speaking of changes... Did you notice this blog has a slightly different look? I've changed the color of the links, and some of the sidebar fonts, altered the heading and the profile, and slightly changed the size of the blog itself. Hopefully the subtle changes will appeal to our audience here... (let me know what  you think).  

Like many of you, I am also in the middle of holiday baking - having done two recipes so far, and three more to go. I tend to give out trays of an array of baked goods to friends, family and those who provide exceptional services to us (like our vet, the pet supply retailer, our dentist's office...) - rather than a wrapped gift. By baking ahead of time, I can spread out this chore to a more managable activity and then freeze the baked goods. This way I can build the trays all at once with the frozen treats, allow them to thaw for an hour or so before delivering. 

Later today, or tomorrow, I'll be working on the Xmas cards... Dave let me put up the holiday decorations early this year. The lights went up before our snow came down and the rest of the decorations went up over the last few days. Usually we do this on the first of Dec, so it's a treat to have them out early this year.

It is also a sad time for us as this is the time of year when my parents took their life only one year ago... (they were chronically ill) - so I find myself searching for things that bring me joy... and perhaps some distraction. Well, I couldn't be MORE distracted with another book being released in just a couple of months. :) lol 

....Hope you can join me live today on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show, and if not... check out the archived show :)

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