Friday, February 18, 2011

Greening the Planet: one home, one business at a time

 -- Quote of the Day --

Find what interests you and that you can do well, and put your whole soul into it – every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have.

~ John Rockefeller

-- Brummets in the Media --

Today, Feb 18, @ 12 noon, Pacific, on the From Maui with Aloha radio show with host & Exec producer: CJ. Our topic will be focusing on protecting our minds from negativity, what it means to live consciously, and deciding what our impact will be. This will be a half-hour interview. Join us live, or access the archive at your convenience Location: - Titled: Garbage in Garbage Out

-- Green Business --

I was reading a company's (Primus Canada)promotional materials on how they are making efforts to green the planet. In 2002 they launched an e-billing service that resulted in more than 100,000 of their residential customers getting bills through their e-mail. That is a big reduction in paper, envelopes, and fossil fuels! Primus decided to pass on some of these savings as an incentive to customers signing up for the e-billing service.

The company also decided to "suppress" invoices that were less than $10, and choosing instead to do quarterly billings with these clients. Then in 2004 they increased this option from $10, to a $20 minimum before sending out an invoice.This resulted in a 20% drop in invoices, even with a 20% customer growth. 

The next thing they looked at, in 2007, was reducing print advertising materials and choosing FSC certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council) paper for their printing needs.  More recently they committed to donating funds to Evergreen (a registered charity focusing on creating sustainable healthy outdoor spaces for schools, communities and homes.)

These are some excellent examples of how a fairly large company can, over a few years, make small changes and purchasing choices that will have a profound impact on the planet and society  - while reducing company costs.

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