Friday, March 11, 2011

Book Talk & Hearts of Sorrow

 -- Quote of the Day --

I know it is incredibly difficult (when  you are diagnosed with an illness), but you must not allow it to take over  – you cannot allow that to take over your every waking thought, or it wins.
The diagnosis is not “you”, the disease does not define you. …It sounds like an impossible thing to do, but I know it can be done.
…Just staying really positive (can help people in these situations). 
That person does not need to see that you are feeling sorry for them, just love the heck out of them – sometimes it is better to say nothing at all, just being there can make the difference. 
Laughter is so important, try to keep it as light and as loving as you can, because that energy gets transferred over to the one who is ill."

~ Kim Malchuck 

Today's quote originates from the interview: How Cancer Saved a Life that aired back on Feb 3, 2011. Check out this archived show via the hyper-linked title above.

-- Condolences --

Our hearts go out to those affected by the great tsunami that hit Japan so badly. Apparently the tsunami was one of the five largest in human history, and there has been a lot of damage there in Japan from oil refineries, and a suspected crack in a nuclear plant to the many homes and businesses that were destroyed. You are in our thoughts...

-- Brummet's in the Media --

Join me today on Book Talk Creativity & Family Radio with host Anjuelle Floyd at noon today!  We'll be talking about the healing power of writing, the changing face of publishing and how writers can, and are, manifesting change. Join us for this hour long discussion at noon - pacific - via the link above. That same link will take  you to the archived show after it airs, where you can listen to the discussion at your convenience.

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